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Visiting Charminar Hyderabad

by Sayed Naveed E Azam
charminar procession


  • Know History Before Visiting Charminar
  • Visiting Charminar As a Tourist
  • Structure
  • Shopping
charminar procession

Know History Before Visiting Charminar:

Visiting Charminar, a popular monument of Hyderabad. It was build in 1591AD. The founder of Charminar is Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah, however, he was 5th emperor of Qutub Shahi dynasty. Charminar was build in around one year, where Mir Momin Astrabadi was a prime minister and architect of Qutub Shah, in addition to it he was prime designer of Charminar. In fact, Main motive behind building Charminar was the end of plague. During the time of Quli Qutub Shah, areas around Hyderabad were facing deadly plague and it was increasing slowly. Due to the intensity of its deadliness emperor feared the deaths in Hyderabad too. Therefore, He prayed to God that If God vanishes that plague then he will make memorable monument at the place he was standing. Finally God answered his prayers. So that Quli Qutub Shah too fulfilled what he promised.

Visiting Charminar As a Tourist:

Charminar can be reached by government Buses. Bus stop is just 200 meters away from Charminar. While most convenient ride can be done by booking Uber or Ola cabs, meanwhile auto-rickshaws are easily available for Charminar. Other services like Rapido is also available there. Visiting time is 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM all days of the week. Ticket price is Rs.5 for Indian and Rs.100 for foreigner. Opposite to Charminar, there is Makkah masjid and Laad bazar. In fact Makkah Masjid was build between 16th and 17th centuries, where Laad bazar is famous for shopping from that time.

makkah masjid
Makkah Masjid


Charminar is square in shape. It is build by lime-mortar, pulverized marble and granite. Each side It has width of 20 meters. Charminar is Urdu words which means in English as (Char = Four, Minar = minaret ), every minaret has height of 56 meters. It has four floors and total steps is 149. Charminar was a mosque, currently mosque is in the roof of it however, mosque is inaccessible for visitors. From top you can enjoy beautiful view of Charminar around.


Around Charminar so many small shop available for clothes, Bangles, Shoes etc. Especially Laad Bazar is famous for shopping, It’s old bangles market of Hyderabad. Laad means lacquer, lacquer is important material used in making bangles. Laad or lac bangles is famous bangles of Hyderabad. In this bazar you can buy wedding materials. Mainly jewelleries, diamonds, clothes, pearls etc. It is one of the big and famous market of Hyderabad. Timing of bazar is 11am to 11pm every day. Laad bazar is famous for ladies shopping. Shehran market is nearby Charminar and it is famous for Islamic Abaya and Hijabs.

laad bazaar bridal shop
Laad Bazar Bridal Shop

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