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What are Calories

by Sayed Naveed E Azam
Lose calories with workout


  • What are calories?
  • Do calories make you fat?

What are calories?:

In short calorie is unit of energy. In human body physical activity uses energy. Your body separate calories from food and convert it into energy. In human body, every part requires energy for work. When you breath, your body burns calories for this activity. If you do hard physical activity after sometime your body feel tired, this means most of your calories have burnt therefor your body needs more energy for work thats why you feel hungry. Now a days people eat fast foods and it is dangerous for health. Mainly fast foods produce fat and enough fat is bad for health. Instead, fruits provide fiber, vitamins, amino acids and provide low amount of calories.

Calories are main compound of foods. Here are main compound per gram.
Carbohydrates = 4kcal
Protien = 4kcal
Fat = 9kcal

Healthy calories foods
Healthy foods

Do calories make you fat?:

How many calories are needed for your body, it depends on your height, weight and gender. Every person’s calorie level are diffrent. Male and female calorie level is also diffrenet. Weight gain depends on calorie, When you eats more food from your requirement it can be main reason of producing fat. Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) formula shows your daily amount of calorie. For example BMR shows your Kcal 2300 per day, so if you take the same 2300 Kcal per day then your weight will be remain the same. If you take 2600 Kcal per day then your weight will increase 3kg in a month. If you take more Kcal from your requirement as well as you don’t do physical activities such as workout therefore your extra calorie is added in the form of fat in the body.

Fat to fit with calories
Fat to fit

aloriesNaturally, fat is found on stomach mostly so the fat person usually appears with fat stomach. If you want to lose your weight, you should take low calorie from your daily needs as found in BMR. When you take the low Kcal but your body requires Kcal as found in BMR accordingly your body burns fat and uses it as a energy so you lose weight.

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