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Stomach pain remedies home made

by Sayed Naveed E Azam
herbs for pain

Index of home remedies for stomach pain:

  • Peppermint
  • Ginger
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Lemon

Now a days stomach pain is common disease in human body. Digestive system plays important role in abdominal pain. Usually when you eat heavy foods then your digestive system doesn’t work properly. Therefore heavy food doesn’t dissolve completely, accordingly this issue is common in human body. As a result you should avoid heavy food, enough heavy food is bad for stomach health.
From the old ages people are using herbs as a medicine and they used herbs as home remedies for stomach pain. Also herbs are good for various diseases and it has no side effects and disadvantages. But now a days people are moving towards allopathy, allopathy is good but it’s overuse is dangerous for health as well as it has side effects.
Some home remedies which are good for stomach pain are given below.

Peppermint (Pudina):

Peppermint is easily available in home and market. It is best home remedies for stomach pain, peppermint also known as stomach healer. Furthermore you can chew raw peppermint and eating this is beneficial for abdominal pain. It relaxes your intestine. Similarly peppermint oil is also beneficial for abdominal pain. Massage peppermint oil on your stomach and it relieves your stomach pain in few minutes.
Peppermint tea is best option for stomach pain, so how to make it.
1) First boil a cup of water and add few leaves of peppermint and boil for 5 minutes.
2) You can add one tea spoon honey and half spoon lemon juice.
3) You can add sugar as per your taste.



Ginger is one of the most famous herb in rural areas. Basically It is used for cold, cough and stomach pain. Furthermore ginger tea is good for abdominal pain. To make the ginger tea, First boil a cup of water and when water boils, that time add chopped ginger in water and add sugar and tea, this makes your ginger tea, it relieves abdominal pain. Ginger protects and heals intestine. Also ginger grows gastric motility.

Ginger remedies

Apple cider vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar balances your stomach pH by neutralizing stomach acid. But if you drink a lot of vinegar, it is also dangerous for your health. Accordingly it can damage your teeth, throat and intestine.
How to use apple cider vinegar for stomach pain:
One tea spoon apple cider vinegar, one spoon honey and half spoon lemon juice. Mix this mixture and drink. It can give you relief in pain.

Apple cider vinegar remedies
Apple cider vinegar


Lemon contains vitamin C and fiber. It’s juice balance uric acid. This juice is highly acidic so it can damage your teeth. And it can be harmful for your bones. Warm water and lemon juice mixture if you drink this mixture in the morning, it is helpful for digestion. If you drink warm water daily it will be beneficial for your skin.
How can lemon relief your stomach pain:
A cup of hot water and add one tea spoon lemon juice. Lemon has citric acid and this is natural acid, so it is not harmful for you. Huge amount of acid can be easily dissolves your food immediately.

Lemon remedies for stomach pain

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